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Celestial Wedding Shoot - Incorporating Soulsby Art Into Your Wedding

Celestial Wedding Shoot - Incorporating Soulsby Art Into Your Wedding

Celestial Themed Wedding Shoot - Incorporating Soulsby Art Into Your Wedding Day!


For the past couple of months I have been working with a group of vendors (see featured tab for a full list) for a Celestial Themed Editorial Shoot.  The idea of this shoot, obviously, was to create a Celestial themed wedding filled with all of the best Arkansas wedding vendors! 

I was lucky enough to be asked by Amanda Reed (amazing wedding planning in charge of the shoot) to join in on this project!  Ive been dying to incorporate Soulsby Art into the wedding business for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity! My idea was to create items for a wedding that are just as unique as the couple getting married! 

Here's a look inside my brain & thoughts going into this shoot! 



Ceremonial Backdrop:

First things first, I wanted to make a ceremonial backdrop!  I think having a large piece of art like this would be a super fun ceremonial backdrop!  Perfect for outdoor weddings or any venues needing a little something extra behind the "alter" area!

Aside from that, unless you were to rent one from me, a couple would be getting a unique & special piece of art to take into their new home / lives together! A piece of their wedding, aside from the pictures, that they could forever have in their home as a reminder of their special day!

Another thought I had was this... this particular backdrop is made out of two 48x60 canvas pieces!  That being said, on your wedding day you're incorporating two families into one! Just like the artwork! I think it would be SUPER COOL if each side of the family (brides side / grooms side) each got to take a half home! 


Table Chargers: 

Next thing I created were table chargers! I think these are a super fun way to spice up the eating arrangements at a wedding! NOT ONLY THAT... BECAUSE YOU KNOW I LOVE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL THINGS... after the wedding these could go home with the guest as party favors! They would go from a wedding charger to an oversized coaster perfect for any home! Clients love to use oversize coasters for wine (so you don't spill that annoying drop on your table), serving trivets for hot plates, and many many other things! 



These are just a few of the fun ideas I had in mind for incorporating Soulsby Art into weddings! I would love to be incorporated into your big day if you're thinking about spicing things up a bit! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have via email at! 

For a look at all of the pictures from this editorial shoot & a full list of vendors please look under my "Features" tab and click "Celestial Shoot"! 



Dale Benfield Photography

Dale Benfield Photography