"I knew it was over for me & my art school dreams when I walked out of my last class that day.  What I didn't know was I was walking out to my husband (boyfriend at the time) holding a bouquet of sunflowers & a bright happy future!  I failed at art school because I stayed true to myself & for that - failure was my greatest success!"

-Lindsay Soulsby Johnson

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Hi there! My name is Lindsay Soulsby Johnson - the brain & hands behind Soulsby Art!  I was born  & raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where I graduated from Little Rock Central High School – GO TIGERS! After high school I attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas where I have remained since 2010.  I started college as an art major but long story short - that didn’t work out.  Luckily, I’ve never been one to seek approval of others & I love my art for wreaking havoc being everything but normal.  Perfection is imperfection! Art has always been a passion of mine, I’ve done art since I could hold a pen in my hand.  With the encouragement & continuous support of my best friend / worlds best husband, my family, & my fur baby Mulligan I’ve been allowed to embrace being a professional mess maker! My art ranges across a wide spectrum of styles & price points as I strive to make art something that everyone, despite socioeconomic classes can have the luxury of owning a real piece of art in their home.  For everyone that’s been told they couldn’t do it, that they weren’t good enough, or who have ever been put down by others & doubted themselves – this is for you!  

I failed at art school because I stayed true to myself & for that - failure was my greatest success! 


  • My daily inspirations include my family, my (fur)baby Mulligan, my two pet turtles (Jacki & Severus Snape) , &  the countless number of Cacti that fills our home!
  • My best friend, & the person who encouraged me to start Soulsby Art & pursue it full time, is my husband, Taylor! 
  • I watch Harry Potter movies & Alfred Hitchcock films while I'm working ... or a good crime pod cast!
  • I'm a stage 5 clinger who lives 12 doors down from her parents!
  • I have two degrees from the University of Arkansas (1) Criminal Justice with a minor in Legal Studies (2) Sociology with a minor in Communications.
  • I'm an art school drop out who had a professor who hated my work & thought I had no talent.  Though I lost my scholarships & had to change my college path it's a person who tries to kills someones spirit that I truly feel sorry for! 
  • I read National Geographic every month & a book everyday! 
  •  I was raised knowing women ran the world & anyone who said different was lying to themselves... thanks mom & dad!
  •  My current kitchen table is the Thomasville wood table I grew up painting on & despite having a home studio my lifelong favorite place to paint is the kitchen! I am forever grateful for my parents who let me wreak havoc on their home as a child & my husband who continues to let me wreak havoc on our home everyday! 
  • My favorite band is Pearl Jam 


  •  I'm a professional finger painter! People think I'm joking when I say this but I'm not! My favorite brush is really my finger!

  • Growing up I was fascinated by & efficient at all art mediums. Yet I felt that I was never great at any of them because I wanted to use them all &  felt each one was missing a little something-something. Then I figured out there was no rule saying I couldn't mix medias & that was a game changer! 

  • Anything within arms reach is fair game when I'm painting & I strive to challenge the traditional rules of art as to create something truly unique.  This helps me to stay authentic in an unauthentic world. 

  •  I was never a fan of naming art so my art is not named by piece, but by series & those unique & special techniques in that collection. Each collection is named after a family member. My brand (Soulsby Art) is named after my parents, Taylor Pearce Series is named after my husband, Luna James Series is named after my niece... as I create new techniques & new series each one will remain named after a family member.

  •  My favorite color is black.  In art school they would say not to use black because it was "too harsh".  SO... because thats a stupid rule I like to use black in my art every chance I get.

  •  My view on my work is simple: If you don't like me, or my art, don't buy it & keep the negativity to yourself! Im painting for me & each piece of work I consider a piece of my brain. Therefore every piece you purchase I feel like is a piece of me! 

  •  I want my art to be more than something on your wall.  I want it to be something that helps make your house a home.

  •  I do not do prints because I feel it would be taking away from that piece & its uniqueness.  Therefore I dont do prints but instead make my price points vary in ways that make it possible for different socioeconomic classes to be able to enjoy real art instead of a print.   

  •  I love to make functional art pieces for you home because I feel they take away the scary stigma behind original art.  You can have functional art in your home & not be scared for your child to touch it or your husbands drunk friends to spill on it! 

  • In my studio there are no rules, no limits, no guidelines... there is simply materials & a blank slate for creating something special... & red wine! 


HUGE SHOUT OUT to Dale Benfield, for taking my head shots for this website! I can't thank you enough!